1. Strong and isotropic
    The Ultramicrofiber is very strong and isotropic. That means that it has the same properties in all directions. The Ultramicrofiber has great mechanical features and it does not deform even after an intensive employment or several washings.
    It is also particularly suitable whenever strength and durability are needed. Unlike the short fibres, microfilaments in sequence ensure strength and dimensional stability.
  2. Breathable
    The Ultramicrofiber is breathable because it is permeable to water vapour. This is guaranteed by extra-thin microfilaments, which create millions of micro-chambers easing the air flow. These microfilaments allow a better humidity management: the Ultramicrofiber dries very quickly absorbing water and sweat.
    In industrial employment and technical packaging, the Ultramicrofiber breathability allows the solvent residuals to fastly evaporate
  3. Anti-mite
    The Ultramicrofiber provides a perfect protection against dust mite allergens.
    The filtering feature is owe to the solid structure composed by microfilaments. The small particles of dust mite allergens are stopped by the Ultramicrofiber covering that prevents contacts with who is allergic. Neither a secondary plastic covering nor other chemical treatments are needed to achieve this goal.
  4. Thermal insulation
    The Ultramicrofiber provides excellent thermal insulation by retaining air in the microfilament structure.
  5. An exclusive product
    The Ultramicrofiber shows a special dull aspect. The use of Ultramicrofiber in digital printing highlights brilliant colours and allows the creation of high resolution images.
  6. UV protection
    The solid Ultramicrofiber structure ensures a constant UV protection. The ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) is 80, the highest level in the UV Standard 801 regulations.
  7. No fibres released
    Unlike the short fibres, the Ultramicrofiber microfilaments are produced in sequence, as a result the final product is perfectly smooth with no threads on the surface. The Ultramicrofiber is ideal to be used in contact with fine surfaces, to be transformed into cleaning cloths or as a protection.
  8. Absorption system
    Thanks to the wide internal surface composed by microfilaments, in liquids absorption terms the Ultramicrofiber achieves the 400% of its own weight.
  9. Washable
    The Ultramicrofiber can be washed several times, reaching high temperatures until a maximum of 95°C. The choice of high temperatures of the washing water changes according to the target product.
    For example, anti-mite Ultramicrofiber covers can generally reach a maximum of 95 ° C wash temperature.
    The finishing or any other product aim require low-temperature washing cycles in order to preserve their features. It is advised to wash the product with cold water without the use of fabric softeners.
  10. Ultrasound
    The Ultramicrofiber is perfect to ultrasound cutting and stitching.
  11. Eco-friendly

    The Ultramicrofiber is a long-lasting material. It helps to reduce the impact of waste on the environment.
    The Ultramicrofiber contains no binders or solvents and does not cause skin irritation on contact.


    The Ultramicrofiber does not contain PVC. The basic material consists of polyester, polyamide and water which are stable and safe elements for human health and the environment, under normal conditions of use.
    This basic material has been officially recognized by the Oeko-Tex 100 class 1, which guarantees the safe baby’s skin contact.
    The Ultramicrofiber is from 2 to 30 times lighter than traditional materials and it can effectively substitute them in several uses. Indeed the Ultramicrofiber dramatically reduces the use of raw materials with equivalent or superior performances.

  1. Cleaning skills
    As cleaning cloth, The Ultramicrofiber performance is outstanding. It removes dirt, dust, liquids, fats and inks effectively. The Ultramicrofiber is the ideal product for house cleaning and in the industrial locations, often very difficult to treat.
    The microfilaments Ultramicrofiber are up to 10 times thinner than a human hair and 5 to 10 times thinner than the other microfibers. These microfilaments make our ultramicrofiber the most efficient tool to eliminate dirt, dust and other pollutants.
  2. Trust and satisfaction
    Ultramicrofiber means comfort, ease of use, high performances and customer satisfaction.
    Ultramicrofiber stands for comfort because it is lightweight, soft and draped.
    Ultramicrofiber means “trust” because it offers the perfect protection for every delicate surface without scratching or producing abrasions.
  3. It dries quickly
    The Ultramicrofiber dries very quickly thanks to its wide internal constantly exposed to air surface.
  4. NO-feathers barrier
    The Ultramicrofiber in an excellent barrier for the feathers containment. The solid fabric holds feathers in cushions in order to hinder the escape.
  5. Acoustic
    The Ultramicrofiber has great soundproof properties.
    The multidirectional microfilaments strongly linked together create millions of micro air-chambers that allow the sound absorption.
  6. Fireproof
    For indoor employments, the Ultramicrofiber can be processed with a fire-resistant treatment, according to local regulations: France: M1 / Germany: DIN 4102 B1 / USA: NFPA 701 / California: CA 1237
  7. Windproof
    The Ultramicrofiber is also windproof. This is another barrier provided by the solid microfilaments structure.
  8. Delicate surfaces
    No marks, no lint, the Ultramicrofiber is the ideal solution for delicate surfaces, glass, steel, marble and leather.
  9. Standard finishes
    The Ultramicrofiber can be subject to the conventional textile processes. It is possible to dye, print and treat it through the finishing, cut and sewn. Having non-fraying edges, our product offers a great advantage in the initial stages of processing when an additional stitching is useless.
  10. Economic
    The Ultramicrofiber offers high performances and long-term solution thanks to its great price-quality ratio.
  11. Water-repellent
    The Ultramicrofiber can also be treated with a water proofer finishing, making possible a huge tally of employments.